Powder Coating Program

Industrial Powder Coating Services For PA Businesses

Surtech Industries has two automated powder line application systems in order to provide advanced industrial powder coating services. The latest equipment has been installed to provide businesses throughout PA with metal polymer powder coating services using a corona discharge gun system. Specifically designed, multi-metal pretreatment chemical processes have been developed to provide superior performance testing results using iron phosphates and non-chrome-polymer sealing technologies.

Surtech has applied all major metal coating manufacturers’ products on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. We can provide PA and surrounding businesses with oxidation-resistant metal coatings and powder formulations such as polyesters, epoxies, TGIC, hybrids, or nylons meeting a wide range of applications, surface textures, gloss levels, and unusual aesthetic finish requirements:

  • Part size is typically an operating window of 30 inches wide by 52 inches high by 240 inches long.
  • Part weight should not exceed 150 pounds per hook with hook centers on 24 inches.

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Batch Powder Coating Application

From our 66,000 sq. ft. facility in central PA, batch powder coating applications can be performed for small production run requirements. Pre-treatment and powder application technologies are the same as with the automated line. Part size is typically an operating window of 60 inches wide by 48 inches high by 120 inches long. Part weight should not exceed 100 pounds.

Burn-off Ovens

Paint removal capabilities can be processed using a gas fired burn-off oven. Oven temperature range is up to 900 degrees F. Ferrous metals can be processed. Part size can be up to 84 inches wide by 60 inches high by 120 inches long. Part weight not to exceed 2500 pounds.

Chemical Stripping Paint Removal

Our chemical paint stripping services use proprietary, multi metal chemistry to chemically remove a wide range of solvent based and powder paint finishes. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be processed. Part size can be up to 36 inches wide by 36 inches long by 36 inches deep. Part weight not to exceed 150 pounds.

Special Services

Specialty masks can be developed to control and restrict powder adhesion as specified. Abrasive blast preparation, pre- belting/polishing/buffing and other special preps can be provided prior to powder paint applications.

Special packaging can be provided. This can include returnable container, foam packs, bubble packs, craft paper or any other packaging as specified by the end user.

Secondary or post assembly and packaging operations can be performed to provide a turnkey product ready for shipment to the end user if desired.

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Quality Assurance

Surtech Industries has over 30 years of experience in advanced industrial powder coating for aluminum and other metal surfaces for PA businesses. Performance testing can be provided to include impact testing, humidity testing, salt spray testing, mil thickness testing, hardness testing, cross hatch adhesion testing, QUV and Weatherometer testing. All testing is in accordance to ASTM standards.

Surtech Industries follows an ISO 9000:2008 compliant Quality System.

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Using specialized equipment, apply an electrostatically charged resin particle to a substrate and thermally cure that resin to provide a cross-linked homogeneous coating that meets functional and cosmetic standards.