Industrial Metal Finishing Services for Manufacturing Companies

No matter what types of metal products your company manufactures, metal finishing is sure to be a key component of your production process. Without effective metal finishing, your products would be vulnerable to relentless, destructive forces such as corrosion and wear, which can significantly shorten their lifespan.

Metal finishing can also provide a number of other critical benefits, such as promoting electrical conductivity, increasing heat and electrical resistance, improving solderability, promoting adhesion and even improving the appearance of the finished product.

As one of the leading providers of industrial coatings in Pennsylvania, Surtech Industries, Inc. can meet all of your metal finishing needs. Our comprehensive selection of industrial metal finishing services includes powder coating, blasting, buffing, electroplating and many others. All of our industrial metal finishing services are delivered by a team of more than 40 experienced professionals who make meeting the demands of our customers their primary focus.

Cost-Effective Metal Finishing Solutions for Companies in Various Industries

Our state-of-the-art, 66,000-square-foot York, PA facility is fully equipped to take on any metal finishing challenge, regardless of your industry. Whether you need a high-performance spray coating to protect automotive parts against rust, a tough electroplated coating to prevent the premature wear of aircraft parts or an electrically conductive finish on electronic components, we have the technologically advanced machinery and expertise to get the job done.

We can help you meet your specific architectural, functional and aesthetic objectives.

We Specialize in Tier 1 Sourcing Projects

Surtech Industries was founded in 1982, primarily for the purpose of providing buffing and polishing services for Tier 1 sourcing projects. As our company has grown over the decades, we have expanded our capabilities to provide a complete selection of industrial metal finishing services for Tier 1 organizations of all types.

Our combination of top-quality products, fast turnaround times and impeccable service enables us to continue to meet the requirements of virtually any Tier 1 sourcing project.

Our Experience and Unwavering Focus on Quality Makes the Difference

While there are other companies that offer industrial metal finishing services in Pennsylvania, few can match the level of experience and commitment to quality offered by Surtech Industries. With more than 30 years of metal finishing experience, we can help you select the process that will help you achieve your specific project goals.

What’s more, our implementation of the ISO 9000:2008 quality system ensures your completed project will meet your high quality standards.

Let Us Know the Details of Your Metal Finishing Project

Do you want to learn more about our wide range of industrial metal finishing services? Take a few minutes to fill out and submit our convenient online contact form. We will respond to your inquiry within three business days. Be sure to indicate which of our industrial metal finishing services you’re interested in, and feel free to provide specific details about your project.

You can also give us a call at 717-767-6808 for more information and a no-obligation project quote.

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