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Industrial Chemical Paint Stripping Services in York, PA

Chemical paint stripping saves time and provides a cleaner surface than mechanical, thermal or other paint stripping methods. If you need to prep multiple metal components for re-surfacing, chemical paint stripping is an economical choice. Since 1982, Surtech Industries has specialized in providing high quality metal surface preparation for customers throughout the Central Pennsylvania area and beyond.

Make Surtech Industries your first choice when you need industrial paint stripping in PA, and you’ll see why we’ve been trusted by demanding customers for over 30 years.

What Is Chemical Paint Stripping?

Chemical paint stripping, or industrial paint stripping, is a process where the chemical bonds of paint are broken down (caustic chemical paint strippers) or the bond between the paint and surface is weakened (solvent chemical paint strippers).

Industrial chemical paint stripping is usually the first step to restoring an old part or structural steel component. Customers who use our paint stripping services come to us from a variety of different industries — marine, aviation, civil contracting, home restoration and more. We also frequently provide our services for professional and hobbyist car restorers looking to strip old paint from an individual part or complete chassis assembly in order to prepare it for refinishing.

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Burn-off Ovens

Paint removal capabilities can be processed using a gas fired burn-off oven. Oven temperature range is up to 900 degrees F. Ferrous metals can be processed. Part size can be up to 84 inches wide by 60 inches high by 120 inches long. Part weight not to exceed 2500 pounds.

  • Fusing together stainless steels and heat- and corrosion-resistant alloys. When a nickel braze coating is properly applied, it can create joints that can withstand temperatures up to 1800 °F.
  • Highly stressed components, such as parts used in the automotive, marine, aerospace and power generation industries.
  • Because nickel braze coating is more economical than other filler materials, it can be used on parts intended to be produced on a large scale.

A Full-Service Metal Surface Finishing Expert

Once a component has been properly stripped of old paint, it is ready for resurfacing. One of the reasons why Surtech Industries has been trusted by clients for so long is the full-service solutions we offer for metal finishing. This means you can get your chemical paint stripping, abrasive blasting, buffing, polishing and metalizing from a single company, saving you money and time. Once chemical paint stripping of your part is complete, we have a number of coating and finishing options available that will keep your item protected for years to come.

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In 2002, after 20 years in business, Surtech Industries moved into a state-of-the-art 66,000 sq. ft. facility in York, PA. Our chemical paint stripping shop features an expanded capacity which allows us to deliver tight turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Whether you have a large number of parts you need stripped, or a single one-off order, you can count on Surtech Industries to deliver fast, efficient service every time. Contact our team with the specifics of your project to receive your quote.

The Value Leader in York, PA Chemical Paint Stripping

As an ISO 9000:2008 facility, Surtech Industries is committed to the principles of efficiency and quality control. We have implemented measurable, verifiable processes to eliminate waste and improve customer satisfaction. When you need chemical paint stripping in York or anywhere else in central PA, contact Surtech Industries first.

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Using specialized equipment, apply an electrostatically charged resin particle to a substrate and thermally cure that resin to provide a cross-linked homogeneous coating that meets functional and cosmetic standards.