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Surtech has the capability to prepare metal components for painting operations where cosmetic considerations require smooth surface finishes prior to paint. Other applications that require consistent metal RA surface requirements where grained, polished, deburred, chamfered, or special textures are specified can be provided utilizing hand polishing techniques, or semi automated belting equipment. A wide range of buffing finishes up to a #8 high polish finish, belt texturing typically #2 thru #6 on flats up to 24 feet long can be provided. Ferrous and non-ferrous substrates can be processed. Specialized polishing cells have been developed to meet specific customer requirements.

Serving PA’s Leading Businesses

Our flexible, well-equipped facility is able to provide a wide range of metal polishing services for clients throughout PA. From our 66,000 sq. ft. shop, conveniently located in York, we are able to accommodate large orders, oversized parts and other special requests quickly and cost-effectively. In our over 20 years of business, we have gained a reputation for both quality workmanship and customer service excellence that is unparalleled in our industry. Our clients include businesses in the manufacturing, automotive and other industries. Whether you need a single part polished and prepped for further treatment, or have a large order you need a series of treatments for, the team at Surtech Industries will go out of their way to accommodate your request.

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Committed to Efficiency

Managing a lean and profitable operation is one of the tenants of our business philosophy. By keeping our systems efficient and well-running, we can maintain low overhead costs and pass these saving on to our customers. As an added benefit of this commitment to reducing waste, we have been hailed as a local environmental leader. In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently presented us a Bronze Achievement Award for our commitment to ecologically friendly business practices. How many other metal polishing companies in PA can say that?

Quality Assurance

Performance testing can be provided to meet SSPC, and ASTM specifications. Surtech Industries follows an ISO 9000:2008 compliant Quality System with all metal buffing and metal polishing projects.

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Polishing, buffing, and belting processes are abrading or metal smoothing operations that change the surface appearance of the substrate. These operations can be for aesthetic and /or functional purposes.