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Fluoropolymer Metal Coating for PA Businesses

Fluoropolymer coatings blend high performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants for a corrosion-resitant finish for your metal parts and components.

Chemical resistant fluoropolymer spray coatings can be applied to most ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. Cure temperature and substrate preparation considerations will determine what coating systems can be offered. Applications that require release characteristics, electrical insulation values, chemical resistance, or wear resistance can utilize this coating. FDA approved systems are available for food grade applications.

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Product Selection

There are hundreds of chemical-resistant fluoropolymers coatings available for specific applications and in many cases several can be offered. These systems are designed to meet functional specifications, which causes decorative values to be somewhat limited. Most systems come in black, green, gray or clear topcoats.

Several families of Fluoropolymers exists:

PTFE: Also known as Teflon, PTFE coating offers the lowest coefficient of friction and highest temperature resistance of any Fluoropolymer coating systems. Typically withstand temperatures of 550 degrees F. Inert to most chemicals. Somewhat porous coating film.

FEP: superb release characteristics and used in mold release coatings. More chemically resistant than teflon fluropolymer coatings. Low coefficient of friction. Smooth, non-porous coating finish.

PFA: combine high temperature resistance of PTFE with its ability to achieve non-porous films like FEP.

ETFE: tough, abrasion resistant films with high tensile strengths. Fair release characteristics when compared to other Teflon systems.


Surtech Industries offers complete fluoropolymer and Teflon coating services for PA manufacturers.

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous substrates can be coated.
  • Parts configurations not to exceed 60 inches wide by 60 inches high by 120 inches long.
  • Parts weight not to exceed 2500 pounds.
  • Special masking can be developed.

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Quality Assurance

Surtech Industries is committed to being PA’s fluoropolymer metal coating experts.Performance testing can be provided to meet ASTM and Product specifications. Surtech Industries follows an ISO 9000:2008 compliant Quality System.

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Fluoropolymer coatings are specially design resins that when applied to meet specifications exhibit exceptional wear characteristic, low coefficients of friction, good release characteristics, electrical or thermal insulation values and other functional properties. These coatings can be applied using conventional ( HVLP) spray equipment or electrostatic powder application equipment.