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Metal Flame Spray Coating From York, PA’s Surtech Industries

The flame spray powder coating process involves spraying melted, heated or warmed materials onto a surface. There are many benefits of flame spray coating including increasing the component's "life", or helping to increase or extend the life cycle of the coated equipment.

In Surtech Industries’ 66,000 sq. ft. facility, located in York, PA, thermal spray metal coating can be applied on a wide range of metallic and non-metallic substrates. Typically ferrous metals have zinc or zinc/aluminum alloys applied for corrosion protection. This process has exhibited superior corrosion characteristic over galvanizing processes. Alloys that have been sprayed include zinc, zinc/aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, tin, stainless steel, high profile aluminum, and anti-skid stainless steel textures. Specific environmental and application performance criteria need to be evaluated to determine the proper coating to be applied.


As a leader in thermal spray technology for PA businesses, Surtech Industries offers a wide range of coating products. Metal flame spray powder coating can be specified for temperature and oxidation resistance, corrosion protection, slip and wear resistance, and decorative considerations.

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Oxy-Fuel and Arc Gun Process

In our York thermal spray coating facility, specialized application equipment is used to deliver the sprayed consumable to the substrate. This process can be manual or automated depending on the complexity of the part, the consistency of the coating thickness, and the quantity of the production order.

  • Product size constraints are 96 inches wide by 96 inches high by 240 inches long.
  • Maximum weight is 4000 pounds.
  • Post surface application finishing can be offered to polish, buff, texture, or provide other surface smoothing techniques to provide a wide range of final surface finishing.

Quality Assurance

For over 30 years, Surtech Industries has been PA’s metal flame spray coating experts. Performance testing can be provided to meet SSPC, ASTM, and AWS specifications. Surtech Industries follows an ISO 9000:2008 compliant Quality System.

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Thermal spraying is a group of processes in which a finely divided metallic or non-metallic surfacing materials are deposited in a molten or semi molten condition on a prepared substrate to form a spray deposit.