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Surtech Industries offers metalizing services for York, PA manufacturers and other businesses. Metalizing is an excellent option for structural steel building components and other applications where durability and corrosion resistance is desired.

Benefits of Metalizing

In recent years, metalizing has regained popularity as a superior alternative to paint for coating structural steel and other parts. As York, PA’s metalizing experts, Surtech Industries can assess the needs of your project and help you select a coating that provides the best performance at the best price. Some of the specific advantages of metalizing compared to paint include:

  • Superior corrosion protection: A metalized steel structure exposed to the elements will have an average life cycle of 20 years or more — up to five times that of paint.
  • Greater durability: A metalized coating adheres better to the surface of a steel component, meaning blistering and peeling are not an issue.
  • All-weather application: A metalized coating to be applied in any condition, as opposed to paint, which is extremely sensitive to heat and humidity.
  • Lower maintenance costs: For bridges or other public structures, painted surfaces require frequent blasting and repainting; a metalized component, on the other hand, is practically maintenance-free.
  • VOC-free: Metalized coatings contain no harmful volatile organic chemicals and produce no hazardous waste, making them an environmentally friendly choice that is better for the health of anyone working on or around the project.

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In-Shop Service Available

Whether you have a smaller or bigger part that needs metallization before being assembled, Surtech Industries can help. Our 66,000 sq. ft. facility in York, PA provides metalizing services for customers throughout the state. We can deliver fast turnaround times on all orders with a superior level of quality control — contact our sales team today for more information about the complete selection of metalizing services we offer.

Economical and Effective Metalizing in York, PA

Since 1982, Surtech Industries has been delivering cost-effective metal plating and fabricating services to customers throughout PA. We operate in a process-driven environment and, as part of ISO 9000:2008 compliance, strive towards continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. This means we are constantly thinking of new ways to lower our overhead costs without sacrificing quality — savings that are passed on directly to our customers.

For more information about our metalizing services for York, PA businesses, contact Surtech Industries today.

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Using specialized equipment, apply an electrostatically charged resin particle to a substrate and thermally cure that resin to provide a cross-linked homogeneous coating that meets functional and cosmetic standards.