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Surtech Industries Company History

A need existed in 1982 for a local subcontractor who could provide polishing and buffing services for tier 1 sourcing projects in York, PA. Two brothers, Dave and John Gotwald, pooled their entrepreneurial spirit and talents to satisfy that customer need. Working from a garage in East York, the dream of entering into the manufacturing world became a reality. Their dream has evolved into a philosophy that believes in delivering a product or service to its customers that is of the highest quality. Surtech is in business to deliver quality tier 1 sourcing solutions to its customers that demonstrate ingenuity, versatility and flexibility in solving problems.

In 1989, Dave took over the ownership and moved the operation to 125 Derry Court in York, Pennsylvania. Four buildings that total 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space replaced the 1000 square foot garage. The operation has grown into eight business units providing a wide range of finishing solutions for its customers. This entrepreneurial spirit has continued to grow and a new 66,000 square foot manufacturing facility was purchased in 2002. The business now resides at 915 Borom Road in York, where it is perfectly situated to fulfill tier 1 sourcing projects for PA manufacturers.

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As Surtech moves into the twenty first century, its employees have recommitted themselves to exceeding their customers’ requirements through training programs to develop and improve skill sets, implementation of an ISO 9000:2008 compliant quality system, utilize an integrated financial and manufacturing computerized software network, EDI capabilities and bar coding capabilities. Utilizing these new equipment technologies, we are able to provide state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, just-in-time deliveries, warehousing and stocking programs, and tier 1 sourcing projects for PA businesses.

As a result of sound financial decisions, the company has a strong financial position, which affords it the opportunity to invest in systems, capacities, and new technologies.

Today, forty-plus employees are working to meet customers needs through a relationship based on trust, honesty, open communications and a genuine desire to be viewed as an extension of its' customers operation. Surtech's strength as we move forward has always been in its people. We are Surtech Industries.

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Mission Statement

To be the best organization at providing quality finishing and technical services to our customers while meeting the long term financial goals and improving the quality of life for all Surtech employees.